What are the requirements for publishing on Qucosa?

     •    The complete electronic document in PDF file format / PDF/A format
     •    Bibliographical data / metadata
     •    The written Letter of Agreement

How does the publication on Qucosa ensue?

1st step – registering the document on Qucosa

You can register simply and quickly with the help of the input wizard.

After starting the input wizard, you first provide us with the bibliographical data (metadata) relating to your document:

     •    Type of document (see FAQs) and language
     •    Title, subtitle and translated title
     •    Details of the authors
     •    Abstract and keywords
     •    Source (for articles)
     •    Details of institutions
     •    Date of submission at the faculty, date of defence and
           the names of mentors and assessors (for theses)

This is followed by the uploading of the document and your contact details.

Please note the following information relating to the electronic document

     •    The files should be barrier-free and not subject to any security restrictions.
     •    In addition to the file in the PDF format, we would be pleased to receive the
           original files(s) created in the text processing, e.g. *.doc or *.tex as well as
           the *.ps or *.dvi formats.

Technical advice on creating a PDF is available here. Please use the SLUB PDF/A validator to check your file(s) before registering.

The successful registration of your documents will be confirmed to you by email. 

Starting the input wizard


2nd step – Submitting the Letter of Agreement

Here you can complete and download the form for the declaration of consent to the electronic publication:

     •    Deposit-License (PDF, german)

     •    Deposit-Lizenz (PDF, english)

Please send your completed and signed form to the following address:

         SLUB Dresden
         Ref. 3.5 Open-Access-Publizieren
         01054 Dresden

Detailed information specifically for doctoral students at the Technical University Dresden is available here.


After your submitted data has been processed and your declaration of consent received, the definitive publication of your document on Qucosa will ensue, and we will notify you of this by email.

Contact partner:           SLUB Dresden
                                      Ref. 3.5 Open-Access-Publizieren
Postal address:             01054 Dresden
Email:                            qucosa@slub-dresden.de
Telephone:                    +49 351 4677-356


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